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"In the North you need a more sophisticated approach. The segregated practices in the South are a kind of public butchery. There's bleeding all over the place. Up here we use a stiletto, it's internal bleeding, it's not visible, but it's just as deadly."

-Martin Luther King Jr., 1965

We Need Your Help!

Mapping Prejudice is looking for volunteers to help us determine whether deeds contain racial covenants.

We have employed optical character recognition (ORC) to identity over 30,000 property deeds containing racial language in Hennepin County. But computers can only do some of the work. We need humans to examine the text flagged by the computer and answer a series of questions.

We are using a digital platform that allows community members to contribute to this research. Sign on to our Zooniverse project page from any computer with an internet connection. You will see an image of a deed and a series of questions. We are asking volunteers to scan the deed and enter some data. Each document takes no more than a few minutes to examine.

The information that you enter will then be exported to our database and used to finish our map of racial restrictions.

Getting involved is easy:

1. Go to Zooniverse.org and set up an account.

2. Go to our project page and start annotating.

Our team is always looking for feedback. Once you have completed a few classifications, please consider filling out this short survey. Your answers will help us build a better project.

We are working to shift the collective conversation around race. Join us as we excavate the history of structural racism in Minneapolis.